Kamis, 29 Maret 2012

government, students, cheating.

ehm, it's long time ago since my last post.
now, i wanna share with you about something that we always forget and never pass our mind.

it's about the correlation between government, students, and cheating in Indonesia.

what's the correlation? okay I'll tell you lil' by lil' till you get something from my post :) *hope so*

okay, firstly I will tell you about what's cheating actually.

cheating, is an activity that's prohibited by teachers to students, because the students isn't doing his work by himself. for example, many cases like copying mate's answer sheet, or even vary! but I do agree, this case will happen with every students in world (just a random statistics data :P)

on this case, the teachers has obligate the students and trust the students to avoid cheating and do they best when finishing their exam. but, the students cannot did perform it well.

so many students ever and still disobey their teachers.

okay, Government, is the representative of people from a country to run, control, and making and implementing some policies in a country to reach the stabilization of infra-structure of a country. but in case, as the representative of people, they cannot be the model of a good leader for the people, they cannot do they job as the executive of a country, and they still not thinking about their people, and moreover, they collide with people trusty !!! HOW COME ???

so, i think about the correlation between the students who do cheating, and this kind of government. both of them are untrustworthy !
then, government are elected by people because they are experienced and intellectual (graduated from high-reputation college < the mindset of intellectual). so, they are ever be a students.

thus, i think, there will be the correlation between some government right now, with the students' bad behavior. i think, the bad government, when they are be a student, they are students who have the bad behavior like i said before.

how about your opinion? :)

Selasa, 24 Januari 2012


Hello :D
it's a long time since my last posting. Now, i wanna share you something about a fact in my lovely country :)

University of Indonesia New Library
Indonesia has many top universities to stimulate their education growth, one of them is University of Indonesia.

University of Indonesia, as the second place of the best university in Indonesia, has built a new library that are open for public, even it located in their own ground or campus.

The library is built in the 30,000 m2 land and spent around 100 B Rupiah, or it costed 85,2115 Euro !! costly right?

The building of Library is financed by Government and Industrial Company that maybe has an ownership or giving a sponsorship for the university.

Library Computer Lab
Top facilities such as Advance library (contained with science and social books, magz, and else), advance computer lab that using Apple for PC, Starbucks coffee, cinema, and other else that thought will increasing effort of the students' studies.

Do you think this kind of facility can increasing the students' effort in their studies? the effort of it are depend on the students' itself. Many famous people or meritorious people in Indonesia are living in poverty or impolitic life. they have to survive with the situation to keep living and keep trying to reach their aspire.

behind this fact, there is another fact about education in Indonesia. Don't you know, Indonesia still has many schools that really has unworthy buildings and facilities. even, it is far away from the advance facilities that has exist in University of Indonesia.

Elementary in Ngawi, East Java, doesn't have a top facilities such as good library, good computer lab, and even Starbucks (LOL).. but moreover, you know, Elementary school in Ngawi doesn't have a good Building !

School's Building in Ngawi
the roof is broken, unworthy, unsustainable, and not in a good condition. many problems that will be caused. For examples, the rainwater will seep from the roofs and the schools activity will hampered. Papers will wet, and will not useful anymore. and then, will happened many accident, such as the students' will slipped by the wallow, because as we know, students' like to play catch and run. or moreover, the roof sometimes will suppress the students when they are playing or studying.

Elementary school is the most basic education that will get by the society. if they couldn't learn or study in worthy and well, so how they can study well?

University of Indonesia is a nation universities that will get funds from Government, same as the elementary school in Ngawi. but there's a lack of attention about Necessary things and Unnecessary things. The profit from gov. economic activity isn't distributed well i think. because they still cannot choosing what is necessary and not.

So, how about you guys. What Do You Think?

Kamis, 12 Januari 2012

When a Credibility is Questionable

Hell ya pals! how are you today? long time no write, because i'm on my duty to finish my finals. =="

okay, now i wanna write about credibility. today, my credibility is questionable, because one thing: "ACCOUNTING PRINCIPLES II FINALS".


right now, i'm in third semester of Islamic Accounting majors. I hope, when i'm graduate from this college, i can be a great accountant.

the problem is, when i can't solve the question of accounting, and even couldn't answer all of the question. THAT IS EMBARRASSING !

to be a good accountant, I've to have credibility of it. this is not about high grade or score, this is about CREDIBILITY.

I won't happy when i graduate from this college with high score, but I can't answer all of the question about accounting.

But i'll be very happy when i can answer all about accounting and even if I don't get any high score, but average, that will be fine :)

You know, this problem makes me crazieh!! 
it seems like this: "I'd broke with my girls that I've loved since my 1st semester in my college life", hard to forget, and hard to move on :(>

the last thing is, WHAT SHOULD I DO?night pals. haffa blessed day.

Selasa, 03 Januari 2012

Pencil and Eraser


This is a little conversation between a Pencil and a Eraser

everyday, the pencil and the eraser is always together. both of them are closer friend.

someday, the pencil open a conversation with the eraser.

PENCIL   : "I'm sorry"
ERASER : "For what? You didn't do anything wrong."
PENCIL   : "I'm sorry because you get hurt because of me. Whenever I mad a mistake, you are always there to erase it."
PENCIL   : "But as you make my mistakes vanish, you lose a part of yourself. You get smaller and smaller each time."
ERASER : "That's true. But I don't really mind."
ERASER : "You see, I was made to do this. I was made to help you whenever you do something wrong."
ERASER : "Even though one day, I know I'll be gone & you'll replace me with a new one, I'm actually happy with my job."
ERASER : "So please, stop worrying. I hate seeing you sad."

I found this conversation between the pencil & the eraser inspirational. Parents are like the eraser whereas their children are the pencil.

catch from @IslamicThinking

This is 4th day of January

Hola ! Como estas amigos ?

haha, how are you fellas ? how's your day? is it great?
let we see.. we has spend 3 days in January and I still doesn't face any problem :)
and we hope we never facing it even if we will facing and solve it without avoid it :)

Hmm.. no many things that I wanna spend to you, because I'm still busy in customizing my blog.

*fiuh* I just wondering to have a blog as well as @AkitaGiga :) she's great in blogging guys !
follow this blog she is good in customizing blog and good in filling her blog :) I love her blog toooo much :D (two thumbs for you, akita !)

oh ya, in January 9th I will face the Final Exam. but I still don't know the schedule for the exam, and still don't have the card :P, oh well that is me :)
but guys, pray for me yaa, because I'm too afraid for this exam. because if my GPA decrease, I will hard to join with english debate society or smth like unimportant things :((

oh well, today I have statistics class even if today is silent day (ga tau mesti ngomong apa untuk kata-kata hari tenang :D) huh.. gosh --"
but I think, we just have to take it easy guys, no matter how much the problem that we faced, we just try to solve it with patient, silent, and keep open your mind. so see ya !

Adios~ !



Minggu, 01 Januari 2012

Welcoming Gara !

السلام عليكم

Hello guys!

2012 has coming to the town !!

so sad to leave the 2011, because to many memmories living on it :(
but, of course to many mistakes that is hard to be forgiven, but I'm begging you to forgive all of my mistakes :)

with this circumtances, what we need is the new mission.
my 2012 mission has an operation name that called:

(Revival, Solves, and Evaluation)

First of all, I wanna clearing the definition about revival.. (my debating style :P)
revival in here means that time to reborn which means like a baby that have a new life and new hopes. So with this time of reborn, we can minimalize our faults which related to the society, even with Allah SWT O:)

after that, why Solves? Solves in here means that for every problem that I'll face, I'll try to solve it, no matter with myself or try to asking help from someone :)
not trying to avoiding problem or something like that. that's not an adult mind guys !

and the last is evaluations. for every days and every times we spend, we need an evaluation. of course, because an evaluation of everythings will open our mind and do the best for every activity or everything. without evaluation, we will hard to have the best life. so, I'll say sorry to you that have said Evaluation isn't important thing, you are clearly make a big WRONG !

hmm. i think that's all for my arguments, and i think, let implement to your life clearly. and i beg to PROPOSE (and I love this debating words :P)


-best regards-